Shooting a Photo Essay: Coney Island

course intro video w/ street photographer Steve Simon

Motion GFX + VFX demo reel 2018

Aerial Landscape Photography in New Zealand

course intro video w/ landscape photographer Justin Reznick

Jackson Guitars - Motion graphics - Shark and Oil

Street Photography: The City at Night

course intro video w/ street photographer Steve Simon

The 100th Practicing Photographer

w/ author, educator, photographer Ben Long

Fender: American Deluxe

NAB Drones for

editing, sound design, voice over

Photographing the Fjords of New Zealand

course intro video w/ landscape photographer Justin Reznick

GDEC Product video for NAMM

editing and motion graphics

Doodling with Emma Richardson (Bass player in Band of Skulls)

Interview of Band of Skulls' Bass player, Emma Richardson. Edited together from raw footage while interning at Fender Musical Instrument Company.

Rumble Bass

I could watch text fly around on screen all day. This is a fun Kinetic Typography piece that I threw together for the Rumble Bass.

Street Photography: Posed Portraiture

w/ photographer Steve Simon (course introductory video)

Photographing the Wintery Coast of New Zealand

course intro video w/ landscape photographer Justin Reznick

"The Holdup"

Old school caper edited using Avid and provided footage (I did not go back in time to film this). Enjoy!

What the World Needs Now

time lapse painting of the world, built with layers of love

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Soundcheck with Band of Skulls

Edited for Fender Musical Instrument Company. Can also be seen on Fender Vision

Getting Started in Photography

w/ Jim Heid (course introductory video)

Documentary Editor - DEMO 2015

Jen D'Amore's motion graphics demo

Doc Demo - Name Drop

A small look at large gigs in the Documentary/Interview/Education genre.

wise women of Sedona (Since re-titled "The Song Within") 1 min trailer

An exploration of the basic belief that wisdom is everywhere, asking what would happen if people took the time to look deeply in their own communities? What discoveries and treasures would be uncovered? The result is filled with spontaneous stories and intimate moments rich in wisdom. 72min artistic documentary film credits: video editor / artistic designer / motion graphics / sound design (shared)